Real Housewives Of Melbourne’s Gina Liano Joins ‘Tara Tremendous’

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Los Angeles, CA (September 1, 2016) – Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano has come on board Metro Media Factory’s podcast series Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries, available on Metro’s children and family imprint Wonkybot Studios.

Liano, who recorded the role last week, will voice the character of Queen Oceannia, a half-Atlantean, half Australian superheroine who teaches Tara and her friends the importance of protecting the sea and its creatures during an adventure storyline that sees the most powerful girl in the world visiting The Great Barrier Reef.

“I’ve loved voicing the character of Queen Oceannia,” said Gina Liano. “Her positive messages for children are shared in her uplifting and empowering guidance to Tara Tremendous in her quest to learn how to responsibly use her superhero powers.”

“We are enormous fans of the beautiful, witty and beguiling Gina Liano,” said Stewart St John,creator/writer/composer of the Tara Tremendous franchise. “Queen Oceannia is regal, poised, classy and inspiring. It was a natural fit for Gina!”

Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries tells the story of Tara Callahan, a bubbly, brave and headstrong 11-year-old girl who goes from ordinary to extraordinary overnight when she’s accidentally infused with the powers of every superhero in the world.

“Gina came on board to help support the show and did a fantastic job,”said Todd Fisher, Metro Media Factory’s Chief Creative Officer and Wonkybot co-founder.

“Gina was outstanding,” added Michael Plahuta, Stewart’s musical collaborator. “She was warm, funny, talented, and such a pleasure to work with.”

Plahuta, also from Melbourne, relocated to Los Angeles in 2013 to join St John and Fisher in launching Metro Media Factory, a production, music and publishing company dedicated to creating entertaining and engaging characters, stories and tunes. The company launched Wonkybot Studios as an imprint for its kids and family content.

The audio drama features an ongoing storyline, sound effects, original songs and score and has been developed as an animated television series currently being shopped.

Photo Credit of Gina Liano: Maurice Rinaldi

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