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25 Minute Concert (Pre-Show)
Studio: Wonkybot Studios

Writer/Director: Stewart St John
Composers: Stewart St John & Michal Plahuta
Musical Director: Michael Plahuta
Producers: Todd Fisher, Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta
Co-Producers: Emmalie Whitney
Casting: Emmalie Whitney, Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta, Todd Fisher

Performs: 11-2-17
Location: Anniston, Alabama
Venue: TBD


This Casting Call is for the Wonkybot Studios Presents Musical Concert Tour featuring Spooky Troop [Pre-Show] & Tara Tremendous The Musical – In Concert [Main Event]

Character Breakdowns

Based on Stewart St John’s audio story adventure series SPOOKY TROOP, about a group of positive supernatural friends who live in a dark netherworld of race warring monsters; the young characters in this musical concert must be able to sing, dance and be charismatic and bright.


[STEWART THE SORCERER] (Male, 12-15) a spirited sorcerer and team leader who is compassionate and loyal to his friends. Unites people from different monster races. Loves metaphysics and solving mysteries. Must sing.

[VALERIE THE VAMPIRE] (Female, 12-15) an outspoken, cheerful vampire and animal activist (especially when it comes to bats). Highly intellectual, an avid reader, and sensitive to energy, she is an empath. Must sing.

[WILLIE THE WEREWOLF] (Male, 11-15) a free spirited soul who loves to surf rather than hunt with his wolf family. A bit of a rebel. He’s upbeat, energetic and funny. Must sing.

[DELILAH THE DEMON] (Female 12-15), the slightly self-absorbed, fashion obsessed demon girl with a heart of gold; she loves to sing. Must sing.

[MICHAEL THE MONSTER] (Male, 11-15), the awwww-shucks, country-boy monster-kid from “the other side of the tracks” who has a huge heart and loves his friends. Extremely strong. Must sing.

[ZIANNA THE ZOMBIE] (Female 11-15) the “dead” girl who tells it like it is; a straight-shooter who has no interest in girly things, which makes her friendship with Delilah even more humorous. Zianna’s body parts are always dropping about, which she is very no-nonsense about. Must sing.

[TODD THE ODDBOT] (Male, 10-15) a warm-hearted robot who loves to give analytics to the group, even when they don’t ask. He is unlike any of the other robots in that he can express the feeling of love, though he is hungry to acquire other emotions, too. Must sing.

[DEMON KING] (Male, 20-40) the terrifying majesty of the Dark Realm within the Netherworld; he rules over the region with his monsters and skleleton army as he tries to gain more control over the entire Netherworld. Hot-tempered and arrogant, he is the main antagonist for the Spooky Troop kids. Must sing.

[GHOULS 1 / 2] (Male, 20–30) Loyal monsters/skeletons servant to the Demon King.

[MAYOR TULLUBUB] (Male, 30-50) The bumbling, jittery, ghostly Mayor of Asterlin in the United Netherland.

[COUNT VINCHENT VAN VLEET] (Male, 30s) Stern but lovable, he’s the hotel owner and father of Valerie the Vampire.

[CREATURE CHOIR] – Comprised of various monster type kids (all ages and sizes), the Creature Choir comes on stage at the end and sing in the final number with the Spooky Troop.

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