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60 Minute Concert (Main Show)
Studio: Wonkybot Studios

Writer/Director: Stewart St John
Composers: Stewart St John & Michal Plahuta
Musical Director: Michael Plahuta
Producers: Todd Fisher, Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta
Co-Producers: Emmalie Whitney
Casting: Emmalie Whitney, Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta, Todd Fisher

Performs: 11-2-17
Location: Anniston, Alabama
Venue: TBD


This Casting Call is for the Wonkybot Studios Presents Musical Concert Tour featuring Spooky Troop [Pre-Show] & Tara Tremendous The Musical – In Concert [Main Event]

Character Breakdowns

Based on Stewart St John’s #1 iTunes podcast series “The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous”, about a young girl who acquires the powers of every superhero on Earth.


[TARA CALLAHAN/TARA TREMENDOUS] (Female, 11-14) an inquisitive, smart and scrappy young girl with a strong moral compass, raised by a policeman father in the small town of Fair Oaks. While saving Earth’s superheroes in a climactic battle against supervillain Dr Epic, Tara inadvertently acquires the powers of every hero on Earth and becomes ‘Tara Tremendous’! Must sing.

[LYDIA BENEDICT] (Female, 11-14) Lydia is Tara’s cousin. Lydia is Evelyn’s granddaughter (and the daughter of Tara’s dad’s sister, Arabella). She is a selfish, spoiled 12-year-old who relishes her status as queen bee and knows exactly how to “play the game” to get what she wants. Must sing.

[NICK CALLAHAN] (Male, 30-40) Tara’s dad, a detective with the Fair Oaks Police Department. He has instilled in Tara a strong moral compass and a drive “to do the right thing” in life. Must sing.

[GRANDMOTHER EVELYN] (Female, 50-60) Tara’s estranged grandmother and the Mayor of Big City. She hasn’t spoken to Tara’s dad since before Tara was born. She’s also never met Tara. EVELYN is a ruthless politician determined to rid Big City of its superheroes AND villains (and anyone who doesn’t think like her). Must sing.

[DR. EPICOPOLIS] (Male, 30-50) the egocentric man-child with the brilliant brain, is Big City’s most infamous villain, constantly plotting to bring down the superheroes while berating his minion 1102. Must sing.

[1102] (Male, 30-50) the creature with the heart of gold, created by Dr. Epic in his laboratory many years ago. Assembled from various cloned body parts (both of human and alien origin), 1102 is loyal to Dr. Epic while keenly (and quietly) making sure the mad scientist doesn’t go “too far”. Must sing.

[EB3] (Male, 30s) Dr Epic’s diabolical robot who secretly plots against his creator.

[MR. BARRINGTON] (Male, 40-60) the headmaster of Power University, a secret school located on the unchartable Foundation Island where super powered kids are taught to become tomorrow’s heroes. Barrington sets out to recruit Tara for Power U. Must sing.

[MR. SINCLAIR] (Male, 30-50) the uppity, self-righteous Assistant Headmaster at Power University, with little tolerance for dealing with the budding super students. Must sing.

[EPIC MAMA] (Female, 50-60) Dr. Epic’s alley-cat, saloon-singing mama who regrets giving up a career in crime to raise her only son, the little genius who would grow up to become Dr. Epic. Jealous of her son’s fame as a super villain, she’s scheming to make up for lost time. Must sing.

[MEAN GIRLS – BROOKE / ASHLEY] (Females, 11-15) Lydia’s back-up girls. Must sing.


[DINA DINOSAURUS] (Female, 30-40) A charming southern belle super heroine who has the power to summon the raw power, grace and spirit of the ancient dinosaurs. Must sing.

[MIGHTY BLOKE] (Male, 30-40) Lead superhero, member of the Pryme Troopers. Must sing.

[SILVER MOTH] (Female, 20s) Sexy younger superhero with the ability to spin super silk. Must sing.

[PURPLE COSMIC] (Male, 20-30s) Crazy alien with warping abilities. Must sing.

[CHILDREN’S CHOIR] (Ensemble – Boys and girls, all ages)

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