Wonkybot Casts Jacob King In New Audio Series ‘Spooky Troop’

2018-01-17T08:55:24+00:00 Oct 17, 2016|Spooky Troop|

Wonkybot Studios announces the casting of UK actor Jacob King as Stewart The Sorcerer in ‘Spooky Troop’, created by Stewart St John.

Jacob has worked as a voice artist for clients across the UK and in Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Portugal and the US. He’s also the voice of ‘Alex The Dinosaur’ on Zumos, a webseries offering wellbeing advice and support for elementary pupils across the UK.

“Jacob expertly captured the tone and spirit of the Stewart character,” said St John, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios and the series writer, director and co-composer. “It was a pretty big task because it’s an audio story, so the voice has to be just right.”

Spooky Troop revolves around the unlikely friendship between a group of young supernatural outcasts in the United Netherworld who are born to be good in a wicked world. Perceived as a threat to the monsters and creatures of the realm, the seven friends are determined to bring light in a world of darkness.

In their first audio adventure, the Spooky Troop band together to save the humans (‘Pitifuls’) from Netherworld dark forces who are angry over their celebration of Halloween.

“Stewart is the leader of the Spooky pack, so there was definitely a certain nuance in the voice that we were looking for when we were casting the role,” said Todd Fisher, Wonkybot Studios co-founder and producer of Spooky Troop. “He had to be kind yet strong. Jacob nailed it. ”

Jacob loves acting and performing, and has had lead roles in Monmouth Musical Theater’s performances including Fat Sam in ‘Bugsy Malone’, Charlie Bates in ‘Oliver!’, Prince Charming in ‘Into The Woods’ and Pharaoh in ‘Joseph’, as well as numerous school productions. At age 11 he won the ‘Serious Talent Alert’ award at his school’s annual talent contest. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors, camping in the woods with his mates, kayaking, and Minecraft.