Wonkybot Casts Rebecca King as Delilah The Demon in ‘Spooky Troop’

2018-01-17T08:59:08+00:00 Oct 31, 2016|Spooky Troop|
  • Wonkybot Casts Rebecca King as Delilah The Demon in 'Spooky Troop'

Wonkybot Studios has found the voice for it’s demon girl. Rebecca King, based in the UK, has won the role of Delilah Davenport (Delilah The Demon) in the podcast series Spooky Troop, based on Stewart St John’s franchise of the same name.

“We heard Rebecca King’s voice and knew she was right for the role,” said St John, who also writes the show and co-composes the music for the series with Michael Plahuta. “Delilah is a demon girl unlike any other demons in the United Netherworld. She’s compassionate, friendly and fashionable. And slightly conceited — after all, she’s still got a bit of demon deep down inside.”

Spooky Troop is an audio series that leaves the visuals to the imagination of its listeners, so getting the right performer to voice the character is essential to the success of the series.

“Rebecca was able to nail the subtle nuances in Delilah’s character,” added Todd Fisher, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios and a producer on Spooky Troop. “Delilah is complicated; one minute you love her, the next minute you’re thinking — hmmm, she’s so self-absorbed! Rebecca took to the role and delivered a great performance.”

Rebecca has achieved Grade 4 in Musical Theatre (singing & acting). She has worked as a voice artist with customers around the world including across the US, Germany, India, Canada, UAE, Australia, Brazil and Bermuda. She plays a lead character on a children’s well-being website for schools in the UK and enjoys performing regularly in youth theatre productions. In her spare time she likes water sports, adrenaline rides and riding her bike.