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Project Description

Ryder The Writer

Multi Platform
Kids, 6+

Ryder the Writer revolves around the adventures (and mis-adventures) of 11-year-old RYDER HUCKLEBEE, a funny and adventurous kid who discovers he has the ability to manifest whatever he writes about — landing him (and his friends) in crazy situations and wacky predicaments!

Created by: Stewart St. John

Developed For

Animated Series

Accompanied by best friends SAVANNAH and ARMANDO, and little sister MAGGIE, the animated series is a musical adventure show featuring Ryder and crew constantly caught up in one of Ryder’s outrageous adventures. An educational component is built into the series, presenting language and writing as fun, relevant and rewarding.

With its funny, story-based adventures — plus original songs and lyrics in each episode — kids are encouraged to take an easygoing, just-have-fun approach to learning language, words and the art and craft of writing. By watching Ryder tap into his skills, children are encouraged to celebrate their creativity while building their own literacy skills.

As an animated series, RYDER THE WRITER is focused on showing children the process of how ideas develop and encouraging language building skills such as reading, grammar and syntax, sentence structure and the meaning, importance, power and connection between thoughts/imagination and words.

Audiobook Series — In Development

The first Ryder The Writer audiobook series is currently in development and will feature a full-cast audio adventure with dialogue, sound effects, original songs and music!