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Project Description

Tara Tremendous


Multi Platform
Kids, 6+

What happens when an ordinary 11-year-old girl accidentally acquires the powers of every superhero in the world — and maybe even the galaxy? TARA TREMENDOUS is the story of Tara Callahan, a spunky, outspoken and adventurous girl who can summon any power she wants, but first she’ll need to learn how to use them! Not so easy when you’re trying to keep your powers a secret from everyone at school. Tara, a budding detective who wants to follow in her police detective father’s footsteps, will have to balance normal everyday life with secret super hero training, one on one interviews with real superheroes, and occasional save-the-whole-world missions! Oh, and did we mention the rogue’s gallery of super villains who want to steal Tara’s powers for themselves?

Created by: Stewart St. John


Audiobook Series (Produced by Wonkybot Studios):

Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries (Volume 1)
Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries (Volume 2)
Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries (Volume 3)

Live Stage Musical (Produced by Wonkybot Studios):

Tara Tremendous: The Musical features over 20 songs composed by creator Stewart St John and musical partner Michael Plahuta. The show made its debut as a musical concert in NYC starring Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), Annie Golden (Orange Is The New Black), MiMi Ryder (Matilda The Musical) and a host of Broadway stars.

Also Developed For

Live Action (30’)

Set in the small town of Fair Oaks, the live action series follows Tara Callahan who must hide her newfound superpowers as she secretly trains to become the most powerful hero in the world, all while solving small town mysteries just like her detective police dad!

Animation (11’ or 30’)

An animated musical comedy series revolving around Tara as she adapts to her new life as Tara Tremendous!

Live Stage Musical

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Books & Audiobooks

Tara Tremendous Secret Diaries
Tara Tremendous Secret Diaries Vol 2
Tara Tremendous Secret Diaries Vol3