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The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show

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Meet the world’s first sentient robot podcast talk show host named A.I.M.E.E (an acronym for Artificially Intelligent Mechanically Enabled Entity) who brings her monotone voice and unbridled passion for pop culture and superheroes to a global audience as host of the funny, strange and quirky podcast, The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show.

Taped in front of a live studio audience, the cutting-edge chat show features A.I.M.E.E. discussing cultural hot topics, spilling the tea and interviewing some of the biggest personalities and superhero names within the Tremendous Universe (an audio universe from series creator Stewart St John) including Almighty Man, Hyper Frequency, Tara Tremendous, Master Machine, Silver Moth and many more.

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S1 Ep 5: Brute Force

A.I.M.E.E. welcomes nuclear-superhero Brute Force to the show and throws plenty of shade at his girlfriend Sonica!  Plus, A.I.M.E.E. weighs in on a new superhero’s name, and later plays games with Brute Force.

Series Credits

The A.I.M.E.E. Allen Show is distributed by Wonkybot Studios.

Created, Written and Directed by Stewart St John
Sound designed and Edited by Michael Plahuta (Wonkybot SDX)
Produced by Stewart St John, Todd Fisher & Michael Plahuta
Art Director – Todd Fisher
Original Theme song “Hey Hey” by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta

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