‘Dr. Epicopolis & 1102’: Wonkybot Drops Season 2 Premiere Of Stewart St John’s Supervillain Comedy Series

11 • 23 • 22

Wonkybot is back in the super villain comedy business with the Season 2 premiere of scripted podcast series The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows, featuring the return of the dysfunctional titular duo in all-new adventures. Created by Wonkybot founder Stewart St John, the new season of the hit scripted podcast will consist of five episodes, with first episode now available at wonkybot.com and all major podcast platforms. The series can also be listened to ad-free with a subscription to the Wonkybot Channel on Apple Podcasts.

Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 centers around Dr. Ezekiel Epicopolis (St John), a flamboyant, mad-scientist suffering from delusions of grandeur and crippling arrogance, who uses his world-renowned laboratory as a front for his secret evil empire as he plots to take over the world; but his desire to become the world’s most feared supervillain never materializes due to his inept schemes and dysfunctional crew of workplace misfits, including main minion 1102 (Michael Plahuta), a six-foot-five inhuman slog created by the doctor to be his obedient assistant but whose naiveté and innate humanity manages to keep his boss’ hubris in check.

“It’s a ridiculously fun show to produce,” said St John, who also serves as showrunner, writer and co-executive producer alongside Wonkybot partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta. “We can’t wait for the fans to hear what’s in store for these outrageous but lovable characters this new season.”

The series is set within St John’s “Tremendous Universe”, a shared audio universe of superhero and sci-fi series produced by Wonkybot Studios.

Other series regulars include Jessica Magers-Rankin as 1102’s fiancé Milliana, an outspoken Eastern European farm girl worth billions who locks horns with Dr. Epicopolis; Todd Fisher as EB3, a cynical, diabolical robot with a crush on Apple’s Siri and a secret desire to destroy mankind; and Svettlanna, the transgender Eastern-European head of a Kardashian-style cosmetics company who is also a super-villainess longing to marry Epicopolis.

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