Mighty Bloke

Maxwell “Max” Hughes
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Maxwell Hughes had a relatively normal childhood as the son of a single mom, Amanda. He grew up to be a tradie, but soon delved into years of alcohol abuse and found himself running with the wrong crowd. When his mother was violently killed at the hands of a rival gang, Maxwell isolated himself in the Bathurst Islands and later attempted to kill himself. His body was discovered by the Tunuvivi (the Tiwi people), a tribe of Aboriginal Australians who revived him with their special abilities and nursed him back to health. Maxwell spent the next four years learning the ways of this deeply spiritual group, completely shedding himself of his wild and reckless ways. An elder from the tribe — whom Maxwell became close with — bequeathed an ancient “skin stone” comprised of the spirits of the Elders, that infused him with supernatural strength and psychic abilities.
Age: 27
Lives in: Melbourne, Australia
Appearances: Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries (audio series).
Note: A founding member of superhero group Pryme Troopers International
Created by: Stewart St John © Stewart St John