Little Spooky Troop And The Buried Treasure


From award-winning television writer Stewart St John (ABC’s Sabrina: The Animated Series, Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, Disney’s Seventeen Again) comes this adorable story of seven supernatural friends — codenamed ’ Little Spooky Troop’ — coming together to stop the Queen of Witches from stealing a treasure! This positive, uplifting story begins when Willie the Werewolf discovers a treasure map while surfing on Moonlight Beach and turns to his friends Stewart The Sorcerer, Valeries the Vampire, Todd the Oddbot, Zianna the Zombie, Michael the Monster and Delilah the Demon to find it! But when the Witch Queen gets to it first, the Little Spooky Troop will have to work together as a team to get it back!

Written by Stewart St John • Illustrated by Ryan Mabe • Age Range: 3-7 • Grade Level: K-3 • Paperback: 26 Pages • Hardcover: 34 Pages • Book Format: Paperback & Hardcover • Language: English • Paperback ISBN: 9780983046370 • Hardcover ISBN: 9780983046394 • Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.1 x 8 inches • Publisher: Wonkybot Publishing