Tara Tremendous: Audiobook – Vol 2


Based on the stage play by Stewart St John, the story of 11-year-old Tara Callahan who accidentally acquired the superpowers of every hero on Earth continues in this thrilling second volume in the Tara Tremendous Audiobook series. Saying a final goodbye to her mom and dad, Tara accompanies Power University’s headmaster Mr. Barrington as they teleport to Power U, but the trip is interrupted by Dr. Epic, who has plans to steal Tara’s newfound powers for himself!

Created, written and directed by Stewart St John • Composed by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta • Performed by Various Artists • Produced by Todd Fisher, Michael Plahuta and Stewart St John • Length: 33 mins • Original Recording • Release date: 01-23-18 • Language: English • Publisher: Wonkybot Publishing • Exclusively on Amazon/Audible