Get ready to meet Tara Callahan, the 11-year-old-girl who accidentally acquires the powers of every super hero on Earth! How does she go from ordianry to extraordinary overnight? What will she do with her newfound powers? And why is she now hunted by the super villain Dr Epic?? The incredible story of one girl’s journey to become the most powerful super hero in the world begins now in Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries! Volume 1 features the introduction of a cast of unforgettable characters including Tara Callahan, her parents Detective Nick and Jennifer Callahan, the wickedly eccentric Dr. Epic and Epic’s long-suffering but loyal creature-servant 1102! Includes music and songs by the Off-Broadway musical team of series creator Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta.

Created, written and directed by Stewart St John • Composed by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta • Performed by Various Artists • Produced by Todd Fisher, Michael Plahuta and Stewart St John • Length: 40 mins • Original Recording • Release date: 01-23-18 • Language: English • Publisher: Wonkybot Publishing • Exclusively on Amazon/Audible