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The Last Halloween – Trailer

Aug 17, 2018|

Listen to the spooktacular teaser for Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween, the special holiday adventure featuring the monster tweens as they face off against the Demon King to save mankind!

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Episode 1: Gumberlicks!

Aug 18, 2018|

After being blamed for ruining his family’s vacation in the United Netherworld, Stewart The Sorcerer visits Valerie the Vampire at the Van Vleet Hotel where they stumble upon the Demon King’s wicked plot.

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Episode 2: The Jewel of Gorgon

Aug 19, 2018|

When the Demon King reveals his secret weapon to Mayor Tullabub, Valerie The Vampire and Stewart The Sorcerer make a powerful decision to save the Pitifuls and Halloween!

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Episode 3: Wanted

Aug 20, 2018|

It’s a race against time as Stewart The Sorcerer and Valerie The Vampire try to round up the Spooky Troop before the Demon King can find them.

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Episode 4: Doom Bubble

Aug 21, 2018|

When the Spooky Troop finally come together at the old Haunted House, an unwelcome visitor might mean the end of their plan to save the Pitifuls on Halloween! 

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Episode 5: Teamwork

Aug 22, 2018|

With the fate of the Pitifuls hanging in the balance on Halloween night, the Spooky Troop rally together to stop the Demon King.

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