‘Spooky Troop’s’ Allie Jordan Butcher Is Following Her Dream

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'Spooky Troop’s' Allie Jordan Butcher Is Following Her Dream

Meet Allie Jordan Butcher, the uber-talented fourteen-year-old singer/actress/dancer who recently starred in the leading role of Valerie Van Vleet (Valerie the Vampire) in Wonkybot’s presentation of Stewart St John’s Spooky Troop The Musical concert in Alabama, with songs by St John and Michael Plahuta. Allie is a veteran of the stage, known for her Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have A Voice performance where she joined 75 professional Broadway kids to deliver a powerful message through song, and her performance at 54 Below in NYC in Stewart St John’s Tara Tremendous The Musical concert. She’s also appeared at Dollywood in Pigeon Ford, TN and the Jenny Wiley Theater in Kentucky. Allie recently shared some of her thoughts on the two Wonkybot projects she’s been involved in.

Wonkybot.com: So tell us what it was like to be cast in the Spooky Troop The Musical Concert performance in Alabama as Valerie the Vampire?

Allie Jordan Butcher: It was an absolutely amazing experience getting cast to play Valerie. She’s such an empowering character, and she’s so true to herself. I’m so grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in this incredible show.

Wonkybot.com: In your own words, tell us what Spooky Troop The Musical is about?

Allie Jordan Butcher: Spooky Troop the Musical is about a group of monsters that are different than your typical mean, scary monsters. They’re called the Spooky Troop. They want to use their powers for good instead of evil. The ruler of the Divided Netherworld, “The Demon King,” wants to destroy all of the pitifuls ( The human beings ) and the Spooky Troop thinks that it’s unfair to get rid of the people just because they’re considered different. The Spooky Troop gets together to try and stop the Demon King’s plan and, well… you’ll have to see for yourself what happens next.

Wonkybot.com: What do you like about the character of Valerie?

Allie Jordan Butcher: I love Valerie because we actually have a lot in common. She’s super motivated and she doesn’t let anything get in her way. She uses her voice in situations that she doesn’t think are fair. She’s super kind and supportive of her friends and she’s just overall an extremely inspiring character.

Wonkybot.com: How does it feel to know that the creators of Spooky Troop specifically wrote songs for you to perform in this project?

Allie Jordan Butcher: I’m so thankful that the creators wrote songs specifically for me. You can rarely ever find songs that match so perfectly to your voice and personality. l loved performing these songs and bringing them to life on stage.

Wonkybot.com: Do you have a favorite song you liked singing in the show?

Allie Jordan Butcher: My absolute favorite song that I got to sing was “Within.” It’s so beautifully written and I enjoy singing it so so so much!

Wonkybot.com: What’s it like coming in on the ground floor of a brand new musical?

Allie Jordan Butcher: It is such an amazing learning experience getting to be an original cast member of this project, which has endless possibilities in the future.

Wonkybot.com: You were off-book for most of the Spooky Troop performance. How did you absorb the material on such short notice?

Allie Jordan Butcher: Well, growing up I’ve performed in multiple shows where they have asked us to memorize incredibly long scripts in a short period of time. The more you practice, the easier it comes.

Wonkybot.com: What’s it like working with the creators of the material?

Allie Jordan Butcher: It’s so incredible getting to work with the creators directly because you’re given so many details about your character that you can’t get from anyone else and we’ve gotten to know each other so much better. They’re incredibly talented and so much fun to be around.

Wonkybot.com: How was the overall experience in Anniston, Alabama? Did you make new friends?

Allie Jordan Butcher: I had such an amazing experience in Alabama! Everyone there was so nice and like one big family. I made so many new friends and memories that I will never forget.

Wonkybot.com: You also play a small role in the Tara Tremendous Musical concert, what do you like about that show?

Allie Jordan Butcher: I love Tara Tremendous because it’s all about being a hero in your own way, and that if you put your mind towards something you can achieve anything.

Wonkybot.com: How long have you been singing? Tell us about some of your other projects!

Allie Jordan Butcher: I have been singing since I was six years old. I performed in my first musical at the age of eight and instantly knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Since then, I’ve performed in several other musicals at Jenny Wiley Theatre. I also performed at the theme park Dollywood for two Christmas seasons. I’ve taken part in a music video about anti-bullying starring many Broadway kids. And of course getting to perform at Feinstein’s 54 Below in New York City for a concert of Tara Tremendous the Musical.

Wonkybot.com: What do you like about stage musicals?

Allie Jordan Butcher: What I love about stage musicals is that it’s in real time and that anything can happen. It’s truly a rush of feelings that you can’t experience from anything else.

Wonkybot.com: What’s your favorite stage musical? What’s your favorite movie musical?

Allie Jordan Butcher: My favorite stage musical would probably have to be “Dear Evan Hansen,” even though I love so many others. And my favorite movie musical is definitely either “Mary Poppins” or “Enchanted.”

Wonkybot.com: Any advice for other kids wanting to do what you’re doing? Share what it takes to live your dream!

Allie Jordan Butcher: Do what your heart tells you. If you believe in yourself and know that this is what you want to pursue in life, just keep working hard and don’t ever let other people judge you for your choices. You were made to be you and nobody else. Always remember, it’s okay to be different.

Wonkybot.com: Favorite hobby?

Allie Jordan Butcher: My absolute favorite hobby has to be getting to perform. It’s where I feel the most like myself.

Wonkybot.com: Share something that a lot of people don’t know about you!

Allie Jordan Butcher: Well, I actually started karate when I was six years old and earned my black belt when I was 12!

Wonkybot.com: Describe your dream project.

Allie Jordan Butcher: My dream is definitely to be able to perform on Broadway… it’s my absolute passion!

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