Stewart St John’s Time Traveling Sci-Fi Podcast ‘Historynauts’ Debuts From Wonkybot

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Actress Hannah Monson from Netflix’ Glitch headlines the action-packed pilot episode

LOS ANGELES, CA — Tuesday, October 25, 2022 — Wonkybot Entertainment’s podcast studio has just dropped the trailer and pilot episode for creator/writer/director Stewart St John’s time-traveling sci-fi adventure podcast series Historynauts, which comes on the heels of the company’s season four finale of hit podcast series Tara Tremendous. Set within St John’s growing Tremendous Universe, the exciting YA series revolves around five teenagers who are recruited to become time travelers — aka ‘historynauts’ — in order to save the world from a mysterious alien race attacking Earth’s timelines. The trailer and pilot episode can be heard here.

“I love coming up with really big, high-concept ideas that allow us to push the boundaries of what’s being produced in the audio space,” said St John, whose twenty-episode teen thriller Origins Unknown gained a cult following of tween and teens when it premiered, and went on to win the 2021 Webby Award Honoree for Best Kids and Family Podcast from over 15,000 entries.  “I’m excited to once again introduce listeners to a brand new ensemble of characters in a series that entertains with its compelling story, cinematic sound design, original theme song and score, and a little bit of history.”

St John and his composing partner Michael Plahuta, who also heads the company’s sound house Wonkybot Cinematic Audio, scored the episode and wrote the original theme song for the show. They also serve as executive producers of the series, alongside fellow Wonkybot co-founder Todd Fisher.

Historynauts is the first of several pilots being produced under Wonkybot’s ‘Pilot Showcase’ banner that will drop first episodes of series to build audience awareness before releasing a full season. “It’s a smart way to build audience interest,” added Fisher.

Australian-born actress Hannah Monson from Netflix’ Glitch has been cast as S’Vandra, the mysterious alien from a distant galaxy who guides the teens on time traveling missions to save humanity.

“We’re beyond thrilled to welcome Hannah to the show,” said Plahuta, who is also originally from Melbourne, Australia. “She’s an exceptional talent who brings just the right mix of emotion, charm and subtlety to a very complex character. The entire team is so excited to have her on board.”

Actress Mackenzie Harms leads the cast of young adults as 17-year-old Jessica Scott, an outspoken and inquisitive young artist who moves back to her father’s hometown of Hawthorne, Virginia where she immediately notices strange things are happening — and begins to investigate, much to the chagrin of her scientist dad, voiced by Dennis Hart.  Also joining the voice cast are Josiah Mustaleski, Max Harper, Ethan Turbyfill, Campbell Ella, Maddie Rowe, Sandra Nowell and Stewart St John.

Wonkybot Entertainment is a content production company creating high-quality franchise IP geared to exist across all media platforms. The company produces all of its audio-first content in-house through production arm Wonkybot Studios and sound house Wonkybot Cinematic Audio, and distributes through its Wonkybot Podcast platform.  Wonkybot is repped by CAA, who also rep the co-founders individually.