Stewart The Sorcerer

Real Name: Stewart Wikstrom
Raised on a Kloom farm located on the outskirts of Asterlin, Stewart is the eldest child of good-hearted Melgin (a Sorcerer of the 5th Council) and self-absorbed Octavia (a witch from the Regginnix Sorority, often referred to as “gypsies”). Stewart’s penchant for using his magical abilities for good purposes has caused a major conflict between Stewart and his greedy mother, who sees it as a major character flaw and therefore favors her youngest child, Stewart’s bratty brother Sebastian. Stewart has the ability to see the best side of people and situations, and often wants to help bring those qualities to the forefront — which tends to land him in all sorts of trouble. His best friend is Valerie Van Vleet.
Age: 14
Lives in: Asterlin (The Divided Netherworld)
First Appearance: Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween (audio series).
Note: Member of the “Spooky Troop”
Created by: Stewart St John © Stewart St John