Tara Tremendous Adds More Voices For ‘The Egyptian Curse’ – Listen To Episode 3 Now

9 • 23 • 19

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 23, 2019 — Wonkybot Studios’ Tara Tremendous: The Egyptian Curse, created, written and directed by Stewart St John and distributed exclusively on Pinna, welcomes three additional voices to the new twelve-episode third season which premieres its third episode today. (Listen to Episode 3 — “Something Wicked” — right now on Pinna’s audio subscription platform by visiting Pinna).

Film and television actress Michael Myracle returns as Tara’s diabolical (and comical) aunt Lucinda Du Pont, mayor of San Francisco who has a big announcement to make in The Egyptian Curse — as she teams up with an unlikely ally.

Stage actress, singer and accomplished musician Casey Maxwell returns as Lucinda’s persnickety assistant Abigail Pruitt, who finds herself unwittingly tangled up in another Tara Tremendous adventure.

And voice actress Sandie Nowell makes her debut as Mrs. Batrille, the Power University faculty housekeeper with an attitude.

Produced by St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta through their Wonkybot prodco, Tara Tremendous: The Egyptian Curse is a serialized, highly produced, full-cast audio drama chronicling the adventures of the world’s most powerful girl. The new chapter revolves around a mysterious symbol Tara’s been seeing in her dream, leading her to Egypt and an ancient curse she must try to stop before the world is destroyed.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Michael and Casey back to reprise their roles from season one,” said Fisher. “Their characters have so much chemistry together on the show! And Sandie has been a delight to have on board this new season, adding a light comedic touch as housekeeper Mrs. Batrille!”

Centered around a feisty, headstrong and socially conscious tween named Tara Callahan whose life is forever changed after becoming imbued with the powers of every superhero in the world (superheroes existing in St John’s ‘Tremendous-Verse’), the series — which shot to #1 in the Kids & Family category on Apple Podcasts when it originally launched — features an ongoing storyline, captivating sound design and a powerful score composed by St John and musical partner Michael Plahuta. (Season 1 & 2 can be listened to for free on Wonkybot.com and is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Season 3 can be heard by visiting Pinna).