‘Tara Tremendous’ Powers Up From Wonkybot Studios

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Tara Tremendous - Wonkybot Studios

Los Angeles, CA – Wonkybot Studios has launched its first children’s property – “The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous (Season 1) – as a podcast featuring a fully narrated story with dialogue, music and sound effects plus brand new original songs.

The Tara Tremendous character — an 11-year-old girl infused with the super powers of every hero on Earth — is the creation of Wonkybot Studios founder, award-winning writer and musical composer Stewart St John. The idea for Tara Tremendous originally hatched when St John was himself an 11-year-old kid writing and drawing his own line of comics books.

“Tara Tremendous is the story of a normal little girl who goes from ordinary to extraordinary overnight,” St John said. “Through the Wonkybot Tales & Tunes banner, we’ll follow Tara’s adventures and watch as she embraces her newfound abilities and comes to terms with what it means to be a true hero.”

St John, a veteran of children’s programming with writing credits on Sabrina: The Animated Series, Heavy Gear, the Showtime Original Feature Seventeen Again, and a Humanitas Prize winner for an episode of Prince Valiant dealing with child abuse, not only wrote the debut episode, but also composed all the songs, wrote the lyrics and collaborated on the album score and sound designs with musical partner Michael Plahuta.

“I wanted to bring my passion for music and story together to create a character who girls and boys could look up to, and who wasn’t a princess,” St John said. “Tara is a little girl with a huge heart and a lot of guts, who is spirited, determined and eventually becomes a hero who is as strong as she is sweet.”

“What excites us most,” Wonkybot VP Todd Fisher said in a statement, “is the opportunity to entertain kids with a positive, empowered role model, an every day girl who becomes a hero not just because of the powers she receives, but because of what’s in her heart.”

St John, who narrates the story and performs as a character on the album, has also developed the project for television. “I tend to create for multi platforms. But in the meantime, the album is a wonderful medium to initially launch the character — and all the other ideas and concepts I’ve got running around my head. My approach to each album is the same as if I were directing an episode of the animated series.”

Wonkybot Studios is an independent company dedicated to creating positive content for kids, featuring characters and situations that reinforce positivity, creativity, family, friendship, loyalty, honesty and more. Wonkybot Records is the record label within the studio.