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Tara Tremendous: Season 2

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Armed with the heart of a hero and the powers of every superhero in the world, Tara Callahan (aka Tara Tremendous) secretly trains at the mysterious Power University where she meets new friends and interviews famous superheroes. During her first summer vacation she’ll battle an evil doppelgänger, travel to an alternate dimension, and fight a mad scientist threatening to destroy Earth.

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Tara Tremendous is an immersive, evolving audio series featuring an ensemble voice cast of over 50 performers, with lead performances by Mariana Harrison as Tara Callahan/Tara Tremendous, Maddie Rowe as Chloe Greene/Elemental Heart, Josiah Mustaleski as Seth Reynolds/Remix, Campbell Ella as Priscilla/Wyshcraft, McKenzie Harms as Felicity/Multiply, Stewart St John as Professor Epicopolis/Dr. Epic, Michael Plahuta as Mr. Barrington and 1102, Michael Myracle as Lucinda DuPont, Casey Maxwell as Abigail Pruitt, and Todd Fisher as EB3. With special celebrity guest stars including Sarah Douglas (from Superman 1 and II), Deborah Kennedy (from Australia’s #1 award-winning drama A Place To Call Home), Hannah Monson (Glitch), Terrence Crawford, and Gina Liano (The Real Housewives of Melbourne).

Created and written by award-winning writer Stewart St John (Sabrina: The Animated Series, Disney’s Seventeen Again), and
produced by St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta.

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