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Tara Tremendous: Season 5

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In the exciting fifth season, audiences will finally learn the identities of the two people who didn’t survive the starship crash carrying Tara, Chloe, Seth, Mr. Barrington, Dr. Epic, Micah Gregory, Lucinda DuPont, Abigail Pruitt, Sarika and the ‘Tremendous Twelve’ – and how the remaining characters cope with the aftermath of the loss. They’ll also contend with the rise of a formidable villain named Ajix Edavene, a phantom from a parallel dimension inhabiting the body of the Head of Education’s Mrs. Biddelspach, who seeks revenge on the students of Power University – and the world. It’s another season of non-stop thrills and cliff-hanging adventures – coming this year.

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Tara Tremendous is an immersive audio saga featuring an ensemble voice cast including Mariana Harrison as Tara Callahan/Tara Tremendous, Maddie Rowe as Chloe, Josiah Mustaleski as Seth, Campbell Ella as Priscilla, McKenzie Harms as Felicity, Stewart St John as Dr. Epic, Michael Plahuta as Mr. Barrington, Josh Brandon as Ja’Na, Michael Myracle as Lucinda, Casey Maxwell as Abigail, and Todd Fisher as EB3. Also featuring Cameron Hernandez as Tremendous Boy, Chris McCoy as Emperor Jn’Dyn, Tanya Rich as Ms. Berrycloth. Alex Mitts as Micah Gregory, Takshvi Kaushik as Princess Sarika, Special celebrity guest stars include Linda Gray (Dallas) as Dr. Sabine Montgomery, Sarah Douglas (Superman 1 and II) as the Empress, Deborah Kennedy (A Place To Call Home) as twin sisters Ms. Fernsby and Mrs. Biddelspach, and Terrence Crawford as Ajix Edavene.

Created, written and directed by Stewart St John (Sabrina: The Animated Series, Disney’s Seventeen Again.) Produced by St John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta. Post Production by Wonkybot Studios.

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