‘Tara Tremendous’ Spin-Off ‘Superhero Interviews’ Launches From Creator Stewart St John And Wonkybot

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New podcast series builds on company’s award-winning flagship series ‘Tara Tremendous’ and continues to expand creator Stewart St John’s ‘Tremendous Universe’ into the ‘Marvel of Audio’

LOS ANGELES, CA., November 22, 2022 — Wonkybot, the award-winning content company known for creating the best in scripted, cinematic audio shows for kids and families around the world, today announced the launch of Tara Tremendous Superhero Interviews, a spin-off from the company’s mega-hit scripted fiction podcast series Tara Tremendous. Created by Stewart St John, the award-winning television writer and creator of the Parents Foundation Gold Award-winning Tara Tremendous and the 20-episode teen horror series and Webby Award 2021 Honoree Origins Unknown, the trailer and first episode are available today at wonkybot.com and on all major podcast platforms. St John’s Wonkybot Studios, along with company co-founders Michael Plahuta and Todd Fisher, are the production company and executive producers behind the new show.

Tara Tremendous Superhero Interviews follows teenager Tara Callahan (aka Tara Tremendous, voiced by actress Mariana Harrison) — gifted with the ability to tap into the power of any superhero she wants —  as she conducts virtual one-on-one interviews with the heroes whose abilities she can summon.

“For the past few years and over the course of 60 plus audio episodes, a stage musical featuring the stars of Broadway and a live-action move currently in development, Tara Tremendous has summoned the powers of dozens upon dozens of amazing superheroes,” said Todd Fisher, Wonkybot co-founder and executive producer.  “This show gives the audience a chance to meet those heroes and learn about their fascinating backstories as they speak candidly with Tara and offer insight into their unique abilities.”

“The concept behind Superhero Interviews is simple yet brilliant,” said Michael Plahuta, Wonkybot co-founder and executive producer. “In addition to giving listeners a chance to learn more about Tara and her naturally inquisitive nature, it also allows the audience to delve deeper into the fascinating world-building that Stewart’s been creating for years. These aren’t the heroes of DC and Marvel that Tara taps into, these are exciting new superheroes who exist in Stewart’s ‘Tremendous Universe’, a shared universe of original heroes and villains being brought to life through an expanding roster of original audio dramas.”

Tara Tremendous Superhero Interviews introduces a lineup of superheroes including Almighty Man (Josh Brandon), Silver Moth (Jessica Magers-Rankin), Master Machine (Jordan Briggs), War Sound (Devin Leigh), Miss Maximus (Brianna Rose), Ultimate (Rick Bentley) and many more voiced by Wonkybot’s family of voice talent.

“The audio format is an incredible opportunity to explore new ideas and create compelling characters and immersive worlds on a global scale,” said St John, who is also co-founder and CEO of Wonkybot. “The ability to have a platform where I can literally create a “Marvel for Audio’, a universe of interconnecting shows and storylines, is a dream come true. I am so grateful to all the fans who’ve been following Tara’s adventures from the beginning, and who are joining us for this brand new chapter!”

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