Tara Tremendous: Superhero Podcast Adds Michael Myracle, Janice Stewart And Patrick Young To Cast

7 • 06 • 19

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 6, 2019 — The talent for Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries – Genesis keeps coming! Wonkybot Studios, the production, music and publishing shingle creating original content for kids and family across all media platforms, is delighted to welcome three more actors to the newest chapter of its superhero podcast series, set to premiere July 8th on Apple Podcasts, Wonkybot.com, Spotify and other audio streaming platforms. Look for the series to also release on Pinna, the premiere audio-on-demand streaming service for kids.

Michael Myracle, Janice Stewart and Patrick Young will lend their voices to characters appearing in the new Season 1 chapter of the series, a prequel story that reveals how Wonkybot’s popular Gen Z superheroine acquired the powers of every superhero in the world — and beyond.

Michael Myracle voices the character of Mayor Lucinda DuPont, Tara’s estranged aunt who is not a fan of superheroes — or much else. Janice Stewart plays the mysterious Shasta Culpepper, while Patrick Young voices the role of Detective Nick Callahan, Tara’s dad.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Michael, Janice and Patrick to the new season,” said St John. “Their wonderful performances bring the characters I’ve written to life, and it’s so much fun to hear it all come together!”

“I’ve had so much fun playing Tara’s aunt Lucinda, she’s such a delicious villain,” said Michael Myracle, an award-winning actress who has appeared in film, television, digital series and now audio. “Lucinda is a self-absorbed politician if you can imagine that, who hates superheroes! I can’t wait to hear the whole series put together!”

“The Tara Tremendous material is terrific,” said Janice Stewart who plays Shasta Culpepper. “The story is not only exciting but incredibly engaging. Kids and parents will get to experience a superhero in a whole new way, by listening and absorbing and using their imagination to visualize what they’re hearing.” Stewart, an artist, retired teacher and actress who has appeared in indie features and online digital series, is excited to be involved with the series. “Miss Culpepper is an enigmatic old lady in a wheelchair, and she’s a lot more than what you might think! She’s especially excited for Tara and her journey to become the world’s most powerful superhero!”

“It’s been such a cool project to work on,” said Patrick Young, an actor based in New York, who voices the role of Tara’s dad Nick Callahan. “Nick is a police detective, and a good-hearted guy who loves his daughter with all his heart. You can really see where she develops her moral compass from when you hear them interact with each other. It’s very sweet.”

Created by Stewart St John, the award-winning writer behind Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sabrina: The Animated Series and many more children and family television series and movies, Tara Tremendous is centered around a feisty, headstrong and socially conscious tween named Tara Callahan whose life is forever changed after becoming imbued with the powers of every superhero in the world (superheroes existing in St John’s ‘Tremendous-Verse’). The series — which shot to #1 in the Kids & Family category on Apple Podcasts when it originally launched — features an ongoing storyline, captivating sound design and original songs and score composed by St John and musical partner Michael Plahuta.

Through dialogue, sound effects and music, Wonkybot Studios transports listeners into Tara’s exciting universe where they’ll discover a full-cast of characters, thrilling soundscapes, background music score and fully produced original songs.

“Wonkybot Studios continues to be on the forefront of creating compelling and engaging audio content for kids and families,” added Todd Fisher, Co-Founder, Wonkybot Studios and co-producer of Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries. “We love to spark the imaginations of young listeners and open their creativity through audio stories comprised of voices, sounds, and music… it’s an exciting time to be in this space!”

Wonkybot Studios is in development on several other family-themed audio series and is set to share more exciting news on multiple fronts in the coming weeks.

About Wonkybot Studios
Wonkybot Studios, the children’s and family production, music and publishing company formed by industry veterans Stewart St. John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta in 2015, is an incubator for St. John’s many kids and family projects. Dedicated to creating entertaining and engaging characters, stories and tunes for kids and families across all media platforms which inspire, uplift and entertain the imagination, two of Wonkybot Studios’ properties — Tara Tremendous and Spooky Troop — have been released as stage musicals. For more information, visit https://www.wonkybot.com.