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Season 1: Recap

May 1, 2018|

Listen now to a recap of the exciting first season of the #1 kids/family podcast series Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries.

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Episode 1: Super Summer Begins

May 8, 2018|

Summer may be out at Power U, but the adventure is just beginning for Tara Callahan.

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Episode 2: The T7XD Bracelet

May 15, 2018|

Mr. Barrington presents Tara with some new technology and an exciting new mission.

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Episode 3: Journey To Dinosaurus Fortress

May 22, 2018|

Tara finds herself in a prehistoric kingdom as she prepares for her first superhero interview.

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Episode 4: You Can Call Me Dina

May 29, 2018|

While Tara meets Dina Dinosaurus and learns about the Power of the Dinos, Dr. Epic and EB3 plot to find the location of Foundation Island.

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Episode 5: The Mysterious Sound From Another Place

Jun 5, 2018|

Tara returns to Power U after being sent to interview Dina Dinosaurus.

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Episode 6: The Search For 1102

Jun 12, 2018|

Having summoned the power of Osmosis X, Tara guides Seth and Victoria through to the 5th dimension and make a strange discovery.

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Episode 7: Tara Of Nearth

Jun 19, 2018|

As Seth, Victoria and 1102 attempt to escape their rock prison, they're helped by a surprising ally.

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Episode 8: The Battle of the Two Taras

Jun 26, 2018|

While Dr Epic's good doppelgänger of Nearth helps Seth, Victoria and 1102 find a way back home, the Two Taras assist the evil Dr Epic of Earth.

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Episode 9: Enter Queen Oceannia

Jul 3, 2018|

Tara, Seth and Victoria travel to the Great Barrier Reef to meet the sea super heroine Queen Oceannia.

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Episode 10: Attack of the Giant Loofa

Jul 10, 2018|

Tara visits with the "Superheroine of the Sea” to learn more about her powers and abilitie.

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Episode 11: She’s Back

Jul 17, 2018|

Tara, Seth and Victoria try to save Queen Oceannia from Dr. Epic’s crazy scheme.

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