Tayla Hadley Returns As Tara Tremendous In New Season of Superhero Podcast Series From Wonkybot Studios

7 • 02 • 19

Los Angeles, CA — Wonkybot Studios today announced that actress/singer Tayla Hadley is reprising her role as Tara Callahan/Tara Tremendous in a brand new season of the musically-infused superhero podcast titled “Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries – Genesis” set to premiere July 8th on Apple Podcasts, Wonkybot, Spotify and other audio streaming platforms.

The 12-episode scripted audio series will reveal how Wonkybot’s popular Gen Z superheroine acquired the powers of every superhero in the world — and beyond.

Hadley, who originated the role in Wonkybot’s audiobook series based on the character, also voiced Tara Tremendous in previous seasons of the podcast series which hit #1 in the kids and family category when it premiered on Apple Podcasts.

“I’m thrilled to once again voice the character of Tara Tremendous, a strong, independent and courageous young girl,” said Hadley, who also sings in the show. “It’s an inspiring, uplifting and super fun series to do — and carries such a positive message for boys and girls, and parents, about self-esteem, finding your voice and doing the right thing. And it’s put together by an incredibly creative team who I really enjoy working with.”

Hadley will also be on board for Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries — The Alien Empress Saga, currently wrapping production and awaiting an official announcement.

“We couldn’t be happier to have the amazingly talented Tayla Hadley back in the role she originated,” said Todd Fisher. “Her sparkling voice, bubbly personality and fantastic acting chops bring Tara Callahan to life, and on top of that she’s such a pleasure to work with!”

In a move straight out of a Vahlkidian (the time-manipulating aliens featured in the series) playbook, the new season of episodes was just recently completed but will be backdated to precede Season 2 on podcast platforms in order to ensure listeners experience these newly produced episodes as ‘Season 1’ in their feed.

“We wanted to have some fun with the whole time-shifting concept and tie it into the actual production of the show,” laughed creator/writer/director and co-composer Stewart St John. “The Vahlkidians have hijacked the time/space continuum and it has impacted our production!”

“It’s the origin story fans have been asking for,” explained St John. “Genesis introduces us to Tara before she becomes a super hero. We see her at school where she sticks up for kids getting bullied, and at home with her dad who’s a police officer raising Tara on his own. We develop a better sense of who she is and what her world looks like before it gets turned upside down.”