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The Owlsteins Rhyme Time

3 Episodes | Kids & Family

A Wonkybot Junior series for ages 6+:   The Owlsteins Rhyme Time is a whimsical podcast series chronicling the lives of a sweet owl family told in rhyme and narrated by author Stewart St John. Each short-form episode features an original score and sound effects that take listeners deep inside the Owlstein family’s magnificent treehouse located on Mount Hickle Huck Peak where Ollie the dad, Olympia the mom, Olivia the daughter and Owen the son live, love and laugh together. Filled with valuable life lessons and positive messages, The Owlsteins Rhyme Time is a heartwarming series for parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren alike. It’s also an excellent series for teachers to share with young students, as rhyming stories are a great way to build foundational literacy skills, inspire the imagination and help children begin to predict what is coming or what word will end the sentence. Created by Stewart St John, the series is produced by Wonkybot Studios, the podcast production division of Wonkybot Entertainment, known for producing the best in cinematic, immersive audio fiction series for different age groups.

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Series Credits

Created, Written, Directed and narrated by Stewart St John (Disney’s Seventeen Again, Sabrina: The Animated Series)
Original Score and Songs by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta
Sound Design by Michael Plahuta
Produced by Todd Fisher, Stewart St John and Michael Plahuta

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