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The Owlsteins

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A Wonkybot Junior series for ages 6+, The Owlsteins brings the loving owl family from creator Stewart St John’s The Owlsteins Rhyme Time to life for the very first time!  The sweet series centers around a lovable owl family — Ollie (the dad), Olympia (the mom), Olivia (the daughter) and Owen (the son) as they live, love and learn valuable lessons in the beautiful countryside village of Hicklehuck Peak. You’ll also meet other furry neighbors and friends along the way! Created by Stewart St John, the series is produced by Wonkybot Studios, the podcast production division of Wonkybot Entertainment, known for producing the best in cinematic, immersive audio fiction series for different age groups.

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Series Credits

Created by Stewart St John
Produced by Stewart St John, Todd Fisher & Michael Plahuta
Sound design by Michael Plahuta
Theme song by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta

Featuring the voices of:
Josh Brandon as Ollie Owlstein
Jessica Magers-Rankin as Olympia Owlstein
Madison Mounts as Olivia Owlstein
Brendan Morgan as Oliver Owlstein
Annabelle Clemmons as LuLu Hootenanny
Felicity Hunt as Jessica Barnsworth
Laci Morgan as Mrs. Finny
Stewart St John as Coach Bernard
And Michael Plahuta as Uncle Wallington

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