Stewart St John’s

Tremendous Boy

1 Season | Drama/Fiction

Aimed at YA+ audiences, the series centers around an intergalactic criminal named Attamis Wa’Ru, aka Tremendous Boy, a mysterious 18-year-old who possesses extraordinary powers and hails from an alternate, dystopian universe. When his girlfriend is taken hostage by the galactic tyrant Lord Drykus of Barrington, Attamis is forced to search the multiverse for five Cosmic Spheres and return them to Drykus. But retrieving the last and final sphere might be his greatest challenge yet, because it brings him to planet Earth… and a battle to the finish with one of the planet’s greatest heroes.  Created by Stewart St John, the series is produced by Wonkybot Studios, the podcast production division of Wonkybot Entertainment, known for producing the best in cinematic, immersive audio fiction series for different age groups.

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Series Credits

Written and directed by Tara Tremendous creator Stewart St John (Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Seventeen Again)
Executive Produced by Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta and Todd Fisher through their Award-winning production company Wonkybot Studios
Original Theme Song and Score by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta • Sound Design by Michael Plahuta
A Wonkybot Original Series

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