Valerie The Vampire

Real Name: Valerie Van Vleet
Outspoken, insightful and brilliant, Valerie Van Vleet is the vampire daughter of Count Vinchent and Countess Mossmelda. A rebel and natural born leader, Valerie has been at odds with the vampire council over her “stop the fanging” campaign and assorted peace rallies encouraging friendship between all monsterlings in the Divided Netherworld. Valerie has made it a personal mission to unite their strange and scary world — despite the efforts of the Demon King and other creatures to stop her. Valerie is an eternal optimist and a very good friend to her fellow outcasts, whom she knicknamed “the Spooky Troop” when they were all kids. Valerie loves to read and often finds herself exploring the abandoned library on the outskirts of town. Her best male friend is Stewart Wikstrom, the sorcerer boy.
Age: 14
Lives in: Asterlin (The Divided Netherworld)
First Appearance: Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween (audio series).
Note: Parents own the Van Vleet Hotel
Created by: Stewart St John © Stewart St John