Wonkybot Announces More Spooky Troop Concerts for 2018, Releases Promo

2018-01-17T08:02:44+00:00 Nov 14, 2017|Spooky Troop|

Fresh from presenting its first workshop concert based on its Spooky Troop franchise, Wonkybot Studios is moving forward with plans to do more Spooky Troop The Musical concerts in 2018.

“We had such a wonderful response to the first workshop,” said Todd Fisher, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios and concert producer. “People really resonated with the story, songs and performers we cast so now we’re in talks about locations, dates and venues to do more shows!”

The company has not announced whether those shows will be a “pre-show” opening for the Tara Tremendous The Musical concerts (the way it was presented in Anniston, Alabama), or a stand alone concert, or even a full production with sets.

“We’re discussing a lot of different possibilities,” added Fisher. “There are so many factors and moving pieces to all of this and it really comes down to venues and scheduling and what works best for each. At least we know we’ve got great songs and a solid story for people to enjoy.”

“It started out as a short 15-minute pre-show idea,” said Michael Plahuta, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios and co-composer/musical director of the concert. “But in typical St John/Plahuta fashion, we ended up creating over a dozen new songs as Stewart expanded on the mythology of his original work. So now there’s a full show filled with wonderful characters and a compelling story!”

“The goal of our company is to create inspiring, uplifting, empowering content for kids and families to enjoy together,” said creator and co-composer Stewart St John, an award-winning writer whose background has been primarily in children and family television. “That’s the intention for each of these new properties we’re creating and developing.”

Set in a world ravaged by an ancient monster race-war, Spooky Troop The Musical follows the story of Valerie Van Vleet, a teenage vampire who doesn’t fit in. She’s at odds with her mother the Countess, in trouble with the vampire council for her “Stop The Fanging” campaign, and, according to her mom, “hangs with all the wrong kids in Asterlin” (i.e., the ones who get along, despite their monster backgrounds). On top of that she’s an intellect who enjoys reading and wants “peace” in a divided netherworld — which cements Valerie as the ultimate outsider.

Her circle of friends, who she code-named the “spooky troop” when they were kids, are pretty much the same. They all dream of a life where they can make a difference, and fantasize about a world where races of monsters get along instead of being at war with each other.

“Its about friendship, doing the right thing, and finding your voice,” added St John.

Wonkybot has also released the first promo for the concert introducing the main Spooky Troop concert cast. Created in-house by the Wonkybot team, the promo features a series of haunting images by aspiring Alabama-based photographer Mayme Smith.

“Stewart discovered Mayme and fell in love with her style and imagery,” said Fisher. “We all did. She expertly captured the tone, feeling and spirit of Stewart’s characters.”

In the Spooky Troop The Musical pre-show concert (Anniston, Alabama), singer/performer Allie Jordan Butcher carried the show as Valerie Van Vleet, while the remaining characters were comprised of Alabama talent including Jadon Davis, John Mark Davis, Kloe Justice, Michael Shealy, Anna Bella Foster, Bryant Whitney, Vivian Smith, Keith Owens, Judy Shealy and Jason Wright. Cody Carlton co-directed with Stewart St John, while Molly Page served as stage director, Brandon Vick as Tech Director and Emmalie Whitney co-produced.

“We found some amazing performers and crew in Alabama,” added Plahuta. “They learned the material quickly and put on an incredible show.”

Stay tuned for updates on dates and venues for Spooky Troop The Musical concert performances.