Wonkybot Casts Devin Leigh As ‘Mighty Man’ In Tara Tremendous The Musical Concert

2018-01-17T08:28:54+00:00 Mar 17, 2017|Tara Tremendous|

Wonkybot Studios announces the casting of award-winning singer-songwriter Devin Leigh as superhero Mighty Man in the Tara Tremendous The Musical concert performance at Feinstein’s/54 Below on March 28th.

“Devin has been on board the Tara Tremendous train when we started out as a podcast series,” said Todd Fisher, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios. “So we’re especially thrilled that he’s with us for the live performance.”

“Devin will play a character called ‘Mighty Man’,” shared Stewart St John, creator of the Tara Tremendous franchise. “He’s part of an ensemble of superheroes who open up the show with a big musical number. Incidentally, Mighty Man is a character that I created when I was a kid drawing comics books, so it’s especially exciting to see him come to life on stage — and to be played by someone we’re fans of is extra cool!”

“Devin will also jump in as another character called EB3,” added Todd Fisher, co-founder of Wonkybot and producer of Tara Tremendous The Musical. “EB3 is Dr Epic’s disloyal robot, built from 1980s computer parts.”

Leigh, a successful Fort-Worth-based singer, songwriter and guitarist, has been a touring musician for over 20 years, playing for some of the best acts in Texas including Bleu Edmondson, Jason Lady and Max Stalling. His guitar work has been heard on songs that have reached the top of the Texas charts and national Americana charts.

Tara Tremendous The Musical tells the origin story of 11-year-old Tara Callahan who goes from ordinary to extraordinary overnight when she accidentally inherits the powers of every superhero in the world. The musical features songs by the musical team of Stewart St John and Michael Plahuta. It was adapted for the stage by St John, also a screenwriter and director, based on his #1 iTunes podcast series The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous. The musical concert performance at Feinstein’s/54 Below is the first stop for Tara Tremendous.