Wonkybot Casts Voice of ‘Dina Dinosaurus’ For Tara Tremendous Season 2

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Wonkybot Casts Voice of ‘Dina Dinosaurus’ For Tara Tremendous Season 2

Wonkybot Studios announces the casting of Los Angeles actress Heather Brooker as the voice of Dina Dinosaurus, the newest character to be introduced into the Tara Tremendous mythology in the second season of the #1 iTunes podcast The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous.

“We wanted a bold and dynamic actress to voice this bold and dazzling new super heroine,” said Stewart St John, creator, writer and composer of the Tara Tremendous brand. “Heather is all that and more. She channeled the voice of the fun-loving Dina Dinosaurus and blew everyone away.”

Heather, a successful working comedy actress, has appeared on television series Grey’s Anatomy, The Mindy Project, The Middle and The Office. She’s also an Emmy-Award-winning journalist and creator/host of the wildly successful iTunes podcast Motherhood In Hollywood. (Yep, she’s a Mom, too!)

Now she might want to add singer to her resume.

“After she recorded the voice part for Dina, I composed a new song called Dino Boom and asked her if she could sing on the track,” added St John. “She said she wasn’t a singer but she’d give it a try — and in typical Heather Brooker fashion, she outdid herself!”