Wonkybot Casts William Abernathy as Willie The Werewolf in ‘Spooky Troop’

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  • Wonkybot Casts William Abernathy as Willie The Werewolf in 'Spooky Troop’

Wonkybot is thrilled to welcome 10-year-old William Abernathy to the Spooky Troop family as the voice of Willie The Werewolf in the new podcast series Spooky Troop. Created by award-winning writer Stewart St John.

“William’s mix of innocence and precociousness captured our imagination when we heard his voice,” said St John. “He was sweet, energetic, hilarious and eager to do a great job in the role of the Netherworld’s most awesome surfing werewolf. And what a funny coincidence that his first name also happens to be ‘William’!”

Willie the Werewolf is one of seven misfit monsters born good in a wicked world. He’s fiercely independent, loyal to his friends, and a practical jokester. He also has to deal with six siblings and a big brother who taunts him because he doesn’t like to hunt.

“Willie definitely beats to his own drum,” said St John. “The character was inspired by my brother, also named Willie, who loves to surf and is a pretty independent guy. Willie is the wild friend the other Spooky Troop kids can count on to liven things up!”

Voice actor Abernathy is no stranger to performing. He has a recurring role on the award winning Chris Wright Show (Radio Morning Show of the Year, Alabama Broadcasters Association 2016), has been a co-host on a local television show (Shop 24), and has provided his voice for commercials in the United States and UK, as well as an audio tour guide in Italy and a series of anointed children’s stories on YouTube.