Wonkybot Gets Interactive With Supervillain Comedy ‘Dr. Epicopolis’

12 • 5 • 22

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 5, 2022 — Wonkybot Studios has introduced an interactive element into the latest episode of its supervillain comedy soap The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows, the hit podcast series created by writer/producer and Wonkybot co-founder Stewart St John.  In “Totally EB3”, the second episode of the second season, listeners are presented with the opportunity to vote on the outcome of a major storyline —  with the results of that decision being reflected several episodes later.

“I’ve always loved interactive storytelling,” said St John.  “I remember telling my sisters and brother stories when we were kids, and letting them pick between envelopes that contained plot points, and then adjusting my stories depending on their choices.  So to get to do this now, on a show heard and loved by people around the world, is really a thrill.”

“When Stewart pitched the idea to the team we all thought it was a great idea,” said co-executive producer and Wonkybot co-founder Todd Fisher. “The interactive component gives kids and families a new way to be actively engaged with the show by letting them have a say in what happens to the characters.”

The Dr Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows revolves around Dr. Ezekiel Epicopolis (St John), an eccentric scientist whose ambitions to rule the world are hampered by his dysfunctional team of workplace misfits including main minion 1102 (Michael Plahuta), a six-foot-five inhuman slog created by the doctor to be his obedient assistant but whose naiveté and innate humanity manages to keep his boss’ hubris in check.

Epic’s diabolical robot EB3 (voiced by Fisher) becomes the focal point of the interactive episode when he quits working for Dr. Epic and takes himself offline, produces a hit song that goes viral on Tik Tok, and then throws his hat in the ring to become the next president of the Supervillain Cartel — a position held by his former employer, Dr. Epic!

“At the end of the episode we let the audience vote on who they want to see become President — Dr. Epic or EB3,” added Fisher, who implemented the voting platform into the company’s website.  “Their decision will impact the rest of the episodes that follow!”

“The Dr Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows is an outrageous, campy, and incredibly fun show infused with humor and heart,” said Michael Plahuta, co-executive producer and co-founder of Wonkybot.  “This series has always pushed the boundaries of podcast storytelling, and this new interactive component is just the latest example.  Now everyone will be able to participate in a unique and fun new way.”

St John is no stranger to producing interactive storytelling;  he was the showrunner on the Webby award-winning internet soap The Spot and creator of its mobile counterpart The Spot Wireless, both of which broke new ground with innovative, interactive stories.

“I think this has opened the creative door for even more interactive opportunities on the show,” added St John. “I’m already thinking of other fun things we can do.”

Listen to the newest episode of The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows by visiting wonkybot.com.  Online voting is open for the rest of the week.