Wonkybot Introduces First Indian Superhero-In-Training ‘Princess Sarika’ From Creator Stewart St John

7 • 27 • 22

Character set to debut in award-winning Tara Tremendous podcast series with plans for a possible spin-off set in the ‘Tremendous Universe’

LOS ANGELES, CA., July 27, 2022 — After introducing the audio world to his own brand of superheroes like Tara Tremendous, Remix, Elemental Heart, Silver Moth and Almighty Man, Wonkybot Studios co-founder and content creator/writer Stewart St John is now eyeing India as the inspiration behind his newest creation —  Princess Sarika, a seven-year-old superhero-in-training who derives her powers from a wide range of Hindu deities.  The character is set to be introduced in Wonkybot’s award-winning audio series Tara Tremendous beginning Friday, July 28. She’ll appear in the four-part, action-packed storyline leading up to the season’s cliff-hanging finale that also features the return of Superman movie star Sarah Douglas in her role as the Empress.

Gifted with the ability to channel the energy of what St John calls ‘The Immeasurables’ — a mystical body of deities and supernatural forces rooted in Indian mythology — Princess Sarika is able to call forth great strength, enlightenment, magic and wisdom to help the world around her.

“I have a passion for exploring the beliefs and mythology of different cultures and wanted to respectfully celebrate the Indian culture through the character of Princess Sarika and the world around her,” said St John, whose credits include Disney’s Seventeen AgainSabrina: The Animated Series and Tenko And The Guardians of the Magic. “Like Tara, Sarika is a character who is as inspiring as she is inquisitive, born with an innate desire to uplift and be of service, and offers a positive role model for kids and families to enjoy.”

It was important for the company to cast someone from India in the lead role and they soon discovered seven-year-old India-based actress Takshvi Kaushik.  After a series of conversations and auditions she was cast in the role.

“We’re so excited to introduce our global audience to the incredibly talented Takshvi,” said Todd Fisher, co-founder of Wonkybot Studios and one of the producers of Tara Tremendous.  “She’s been a longtime listener of the show and her Tara fan-videos caught our attention.  We all loved her bubbling enthusiasm, incredible imagination and undeniable charm.”

“I am thrilled to now become a character on my favorite audio series directed by one of the best,” said Takshvi. “I love Tara Tremendous because she is brave, strong, thoughtful, and always does what her heart tells her to!”

“As a fan of Tara Tremendous and its positive values for kids and families, I was thrilled to hear that Stewart was turning his attention to India and giving young girls a powerful voice through this wonderful new character,” said Neha Kaushik, Takshvi’s mother.  “I’m proud to have my daughter chosen to voice the role of Princess Sarika. I know that Stewart’s authenticity and desire to celebrate Indian culture and mythology is going to touch so many people around the world.”

Following her appearance in Tara Tremendous,  Wonkybot has plans to launch a spin-off series centering around the character, tentatively titled Princess Sarika: Superhero In Training. The show will exist in St John’s ’Tremendous Universe’, a shared narrative universe a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The series will guest-star several of our established Tara Tremendous characters, but stories will mostly be based in India during Sarika’s hiatus from Power University,” said Michael Plahuta, Wonkybot co-founder and executive producer of all content produced by Wonkybot.

Added Plahuta: “We’re now looking for a strategic financial partner to help us co-produce this wonderful new audio show.  And with Stewart’s background in animation we’re also eyeing partnerships with an animation house so we can take the series to television.”