Wonkybot Releases Limited Edition 2024 ‘Tara Tremendous’ Calendar Featuring Characters From Award-Winning Podcast

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Los Angeles, CA., December 11, 2023 — Wonkybot Entertainment has just released a stunning, limited edition ‘Tara Tremendous’ 2024 calendar featuring characters heard in the company’s award-winning superhero podcast.

“We’re thrilled to share these life-like illustrations with Tara Tremendous fans around the world,” said Wonkybot co-founder and producer Todd Fisher. “Tara Tremendous has captured the imaginations of millions of listeners with its exciting stories about the most powerful girl in the world, and now fans will be able to see what some of the characters look like!”

Wonkybot co-founder, producer and musical director Michael Plahuta spearheaded the effort to bring the characters to life, working closely with series creator and Wonkybot co-founder Stewart St John on each design.

“Tara Tremendous is an audio-only series so the calendar was an exciting opportunity to get inside Stewart’s mind and find out what he was imagining all these wonderful character to look like,” said Plahuta. “We’ve always had a general idea of Tara’s design because she’s featured in the main show art, but we were in brand new territory when it came to the rest, like Tara’s best friends Chloe and Seth, her headmaster Mr. Barrington, and even aunt Lucinda.”

Many of the characters featured in the calendar are from the third and fourth seasons of the show, including Indian-mystic Sarika Venkatesh, Master Machine, Tremendous Boy, Dr. Epicopolis (voiced by St John), Dr. Sabine Montgomery (voiced by Dallas alum Linda Gray), The Empress (voiced by Superman movie star Sarah Douglas) and others.

“It’s so awesome to see the visual representations of all these characters in once collectable calendar,” said St John. “I already have mine hanging on my office wall!”

The limited edition Tara Tremendous 2024 calendar is now available at the company’s website Wonkybot.com.