Wonkybot Studios Casts Voice Of ‘Remix’ For Tara Tremendous Season 2

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  • Wonkybot Studios Casts Voice Of 'Remix’ For Tara Tremendous Season 2

Wonkybot Studios announces the casting of 11-year-old Ethan Anderson as the voice of Remix, the young superhero who can manipulate sound and music and who is best friends with Tara Callahan, the title character in the #1 iTunes musical podcast series, The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous.

Anderson came to the studios’ attention after winning an interactive music competition the studio launched during Season One of the series.

“We created a challenge for music students to compose a song for DR. Epic to play in his laboratory,” explains series creator and Wonkybot founder Stewart St John. “The winning song was chosen by Dr. Epic in a special live episode of the podcast — woven into the storyline — and the composer of the song was Ethan!”

“During the interaction between Dr. Epic and Ethan, we heard something — a certain wisecracking attitude — in Ethan’s voice that we really liked,” added Todd Fisher, Wonkybot COO. “So when Stewart created the Remix character, we thought we’d reach out to see if Ethan wanted to audition. Turns out he did, and won the role!”

Anderson, who lives in Texas, is thrilled about joining the cast. So’s his mom, Kathy.

“We’re all so excited about this opportunity,” she shared. “We love Tara Tremendous and can’t wait to hear Ethan”s first episode!”