Gen Z Superhero Series ‘Tara Tremendous’ Gets Greenlight For New Season

11 • 29 • 18

Los Angeles, CA November 29, 2018 — Tara Tremendous, the bubbly, inquisitive and socially conscious 12-year-old infused with the powers of every hero on Earth, is coming back in a brand new season of podcast episodes. Wonkybot Studios today revealed a new trailer and title of the upcoming chapter on its website — “The Alien Empress”. Casting is currently underway.

“We’re thrilled to continue the audio adventures of the most powerful girl in the world, who has just turned 12 by the way,” said creator/writer Stewart St John. “There is still so much story left to tell, and bringing it back to the podcast format puts it instantly in front of the same global audience who fell in love with Tara the first time!”

The series revolves around Tara Callahan — aka Tara Tremendous — who uses her newfound powers to get involved with issues she cares about, including environmental, animal rights and social justice causes (like protecting the ocean and sea creatures from Dr. Epic’s attack in the three-part “The Epic Plot” storyline which guest-starred Gina Liano from The Real Housewives of Melbourne). Passionate and outspoken, Tara sees herself as a superhero in training with a responsibility to uplift the planet and the people she encounters along the way.

Tara Tremendous is a full-cast audio production featuring voice actors, music, songs and sound effects. “The Alien Empress” story, which will release Summer 2019, finds Tara caught up in a mysterious space adventure alongside some brand new friends. The studio has released a new teaser trailer.

Meanwhile, listeners can enjoy Tara’s “Superhero Summer Adventure” volume currently airing on Apple Podcasts, SpotifyStitcher and Google Play. The chapter consists of 11 thrilling episodes featuring Tara’s first summer at Power University with best friends Seth and Victoria.

Tara Tremendous launched as an audiobook from Wonkybot Studios in 2015, then as a podcast series on iTunes in 2016 — and it quickly became a number one show in the Kids & Family genre. It was then developed as a live stage musical and performed as a concert series in NYC starring Micky Dolenz, MiMi Ryder, Annie Golden, Bart Shatto and many more stars of Broadway. Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch) and Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2) also performed in a 2017 cast reading in Alabama.