Wonkybot Studios Launches Website Revamp Under Direction Of Co-Founder Todd Fisher

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With the launch of two brand new musicals, an upcoming comic book, tons of new videos and a growing number of daily new visitors, Wonkybot Studios is thrilled to reveal a brand new look and functionality for the company’s website, created under the direction of Wonkybot company co-founder, producer and designer Todd Fisher.

“We keep expanding the brand and so the website needs to constantly reflect that,” said Fisher, whose exquisite eye for detail and unique ability to make complicated functionality appear completely seamless (and pretty) is one of his specialities.

Along with a crisper, cleaner overall look designed to make the content jump out, two new landing pages have been created for the Tara Tremendous and Spooky Troop musicals. “Attention spans are short, so it’s important to make things as simple as possible for people to find and get information. But it’s also got to look good and support the brand. I hate when things look too busy, so simple is always the best.”

Fisher has a rich history working and designing in the digital space, previously at Universal New Media, then as a senior producer at Disney Online; he also designed the platform for America’s first cell-phone soap on Sprint vision-enabled phones in the early 2000s.

“He’s an absolute genius at design and functionality,” said Stewart St John, co-founder of Wonkybot. “It’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends so we are very lucky and excited that Todd keeps Wonkybot up to date — and often ahead of the curve — so that visitors have the best, most enjoyable online experience. The website is the window to the entire company.”

The new design highlights Wonkybot’s two properties (Spooky Troop and Tara Tremendous) in the main navigation bar, as well as a new “Musicals” link that takes you directly to the musicals pages that features both properties. On the Home Page, visitors will notices all the latest news in a grid structure with boxed elements of varying widths. This style conforms to a pattern yet breaks the norm so it becomes a beautiful mixture of symmetry and asymmetry.

Within the pages there are links to the different offshoots of each property; for instance, on the Spooky Troop page you’ll find a link to the musical page… so everything feels connected and you don’t get lost.

“I love the new site and design,” said Michael Plahuta, the third co-founder of Wonkybot Studios. “It’s clean, easy to navigate, and works just as beautifully on my mobile device.”

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