Wonkybot Studios Launches With A Focus On Animation & Family Entertainment

2018-07-17T10:53:52+00:00Oct 6, 2015|News, Wonkybot Studios|

Wonkybot Studios launches today with a slate of kids and family-themed projects already in the development pipeline. It’s first property — “The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous” — has been released as a podcast containing an original story and brand new songs. “The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous (Season 1)” tells the origin story of the worlds “most powerful 11-year-old girl.”

The studio plans to produce series, films, books, albums, musical theater and comic books on characters created and/or developed by animation and family television writer Stewart St John, who co-founded Wonkybot with producing partner Todd Fisher.

Fisher,  a former Disney Online producer… will oversee every aspect of content being created in-house, with the goal to secure distribution with one of the majors.

“Stewart is like a volcano of ideas, characters and concepts,” said Fisher. “We’re going to explore all those wonderful things he’s dreaming up and find homes for each of them.”

St John, a veteran of children’s programming with writing credits on Sabrina: The Animated SeriesHeavy Gear, the Showtime Original Feature Seventeen Again, and a Humanitas Prize winner for an episode of Prince Valiant, not only created and wrote the Tara Tremendous story, but also composed all the songs, wrote the lyrics and collaborated on the album score and sound designs with musical partner Michael Plahuta.

“Our goal is to create, produce and deliver creative and compelling family entertainment for generations to come,” said Fisher. “And because we can also score everything in-house, we’re producing all the music here, too.”

Wonkybot Studios is an independent company dedicated to creating positive content for kids, featuring characters and situations that reinforce positivity, creativity, family, friendship, loyalty, honesty and more.