Wonkybot Studios Releases Uplifting Children’s Podcast Series ’The Owlsteins’

4 • 27 • 20

Premiere Episode “The Owlsteins In Quarantine” Tackles Global Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 27, 2020 — With parents and children facing increasing stress and anxiety due to quarantine and Covid-19, Wonkybot Studios, the award-winning production, publishing and music company creating stellar content across all media platforms for kids and families, has been focused on generating several new podcast series that emphasize mindfulness, well-being, positivity, and teaching good values.

The first of these projects — The Owlsteins — premieres today. The charming new podcast follows the lives of a multi-generational owl family who live, love and laugh together in their magnificent treehouse on Mount Hickle Huck Peak. Geared around learning experiences, positivity and valuable life lessons, the first episode tackles the worldwide pandemic as the Owlsteins find themselves under lockdown. With a story aimed at helping kids deal with stress and anxiety and other burgeoning emotions during an incredibly difficult time, the episode is immediately available on the company’s website Wonkybot.com and on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other digital platforms.

Created, written, directed and narrated by Wonkybot Studios co-founder Stewart St John and produced by St John and Wonkybot partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta, The Owlsteins is targeted for 3-7 years old, but is also suitable for older children and adults. The series also features an original score by St John & Plahuta and will occasionally include songs with positive, uplifting themes and messages.

“The Owlsteins is a series that perfectly demonstrates Wonkybot Studios’ overall mission to create and produce original podcasts, books, TV and film properties that not only inspire kids and families but helps them find ways to better understand and appreciate the world around them,” said St John. “It’s part of our mindfulness initiative to create content that soothes, uplifts and inspires the body, mind, soul and imaginations of our audience.”

St John reached out to his mother and aunt, both former pre-school teachers, to consult on the show’s storylines. “As long time educators they have first-hand knowledge and experience working with kids, so they’re thrilled to lend their support to the project.”

Wonkybot Studios recently won the Parents’ Choice 2020 Gold Award for producing a brand new season of its girl-driven superhero audio series Tara Tremendous.

SOURCE: Wonkybot Studios LLC