Wonkybot Studios Releases “What Is?” Retrospective Video Campaign On Founders

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As a start-up production/music/publishing company dedicated to creating new, original and inspiring content for kids and family, Wonkybot Studios continues to look for fun and new ways to introduce visitors to its founders, brand message and exciting, family-friendly content. With that in mind, and taking a light-hearted approach, the company has created a “What Is Wonkybot?” campaign video that showcases the three founders as boys, along with a retrospective on some of the projects the company has launched in the last two years.

“[Wonkybot founders] Stewart, Michael and Todd are a unique combination,” said Jonathan Chase, development manager at Wonkybot Studios. “Between the three of them, they create the content, write the scripts, compose the music and scores, produce, direct, design the merch, oversee the website, develop new material, and distribute the content. It’s easy to forget the magnitude of what the trio are capable of doing because they make it look so effortless… plus they’re nice and fun on top of it.”

“Building a company is a slow and daunting process, but we’re committed to creating excellent content that kids and families around the world can enjoy,” said St John. “It’s so rewarding to connect with people, and we’re grateful when someone new discovers what we’re doing and supports us!”

Over the past two years the company has launched Tara Tremendous (the story of an 11-year-old girl who becomes the most powerful supremo on Earth) and Spooky Troop (a coming of age story about a group of teen misfit monsters united in their efforts to save their world); from those two brands has come dozens of songs, a studio cast album, musical concerts, a documentary series and audio adventure stories.

“We’ve got so much more coming in 2018 and beyond,” added Fisher. “We’re just getting started!”

Enjoy the video (which, naturally, features music composed by St John and Plahuta).

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