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Young Tara Tremendous

3 Seasons | Kids & Family

Dive into a collection of action-packed stories following the early adventures of Young Tara Tremendous, an ordinary girl who discovers she can tap into the powers of any superhero on Earth – and beyond! Join Tara Callahan as she hangs out with friends at Power U, interviews superheroes, and battles sneaky supervillains and evil doppelgangers who threaten the world! Her powers make her extraordinary, but her heart makes her a hero!

Created by Stewart St John, the series is produced by Wonkybot Studios, the podcast production division of Wonkybot Entertainment, known for creating cinematic, immersive audio fiction series for different age groups. It all begins with Young Tara Tremendous: Season 1!

Additional volumes will become available throughout the year!

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Series Credits

Young Tara Tremendous created, written and directed by Stewart St John, based on the Tara Tremendous character appearing in Stewart St John’s Tremendous Universe. Executive Produced by Stewart St John, Todd Fisher & Michael Plahuta. Sound design by Michael Plahuta. Featuring the voices of Tayla Hadley, Michael Plahuta, Stewart St John, Todd Fisher and more.

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