Secret Identity: Gabriella Williams
Originally born in St. Petersburg, Florida, the daughter of Rubie and Terence Williams, Gabriella was later shipped off to live in New York City with her aunt Nia Jones, a world renowned photojournalist. At 14-years-old, Gabbie accompanied her aunt on a private photo safari to Uganda to shoot an exclusive wildlife spread for National Geographic. Gabriella soon became obsessed with photography, and many years later returned to Africa to do her own shoot — but the private helicopter she was riding in crashed near the Ruwenzori Mountains in southwestern Uganda. The pilot was killed upon impact and Gabriella, near death, was resuscitated thanks to a spiritual encounter with a group of mystical animal creatures who each bequeathed a fragment of their “animal spirit” to save her. Infused with the ability to communicate with all living animals on the planet, Gabriella can also summon ten times the strength of the animals she calls upon — making her one of the strongest superheroes in the world.
Age: 25
Lives in: Manhattan, New York
Appearances: Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries (audio series).
Note: A founding member of superhero group Pryme Troopers
Created by: Stewart St John © Stewart St John