‘Tara Tremendous’ Climbs To #1 In iTunes Kids & Family Top Episodes

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'Tara Tremendous' Climbs To #1 In iTunes Kids & Family Top Episodes

Los Angeles, CA — February 25, 2016 — Wonkybot Studios, the kid’s and family imprint from production/publishing and music house Metro Media Factory, is thrilled to announce that its superhero musical adventure series The Secret Diaries of Tara Tremendous has landed in the #1 iTunes Kids & Family Top Episodes category after just three weeks of airing on iTunes.

Created by children’s television writer Stewart St John (Disney Channel’s Seventeen Again) and produced by St John. Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta, the series — which airs new episodes Tuesdays and Thursdays on iTunes through Wonkybot.com— follows the diary entries of Tara Callahan as she settles into her first semester at the University of Power, Honor & Heroics.

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