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About Us


Wonkybot Entertainment is a global, award-winning content and publishing company creating and developing original IP that we build into high value franchises.

Through our captivating characters, stories, podcasts, television and film IP, sound design, theme songs & music compositions we love to entertain our audiences across multiple platforms.

The company was founded by award-winning television writer/producer Stewart St John (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Disney’s Seventeen Again) Todd Fisher (a former Senior Producer at Disney) and Michael Plahuta (an attorney from Melbourne, Australia).

This unique and talented trio create and oversee all of Wonkybot’s stellar shows and IP.

Wonkybot Podcasts

Since 2015 we’ve been producing a growing audio network of high quality, immersive, cinema-style audio series that have been called ‘comic books for the ears’ and ‘movies for the imagination’. We hold ourselves to an exceptional standard and bring our passion, creativity and experience to all of our shows.

Our series have received several industry awards — the Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2020 for Best Kids Podcast (Tara Tremendous) and the Webby Award Honoree for Best Kids Podcast (Origins Unknown).

Wonkybot creates, writes, casts, records, directs, edits, scores, mixes and masters all the series available on the Wonkybot Channel. Our shows often feature an international cast so we also work with award-winning recording studios around the world, including Rumble in Sydney Australia to Abbey Road Studios in London.

From adventure and fantasy to science fiction and mysteries, we create original and exciting properties geared for kids, teens, YA and mature audiences with our cinematic audio and full cast productions.

The Team

Todd Fisher

Co-founder of Wonkybot Entertainment, its soundhouse Wonkybot SDX, and production arm Wonkybot Studios where he is an executive producer on all Wonkybot shows. Todd is also the company's Art Director and oversees all aspects of graphic design and marketing.

Michael Plahuta

Co-founder of Wonkybot Entertainment, its production arm Wonkybots Studios, and heads Wonkybot SDX, the sound effects, sound editing, sound design, sound mixing and music recording division of Wonkybot.

Stewart St. John

CEO and co-founder of Wonkybot Entertainment, its production arm Wonkybot Studios and sound house Wonkybot SDX. He is an award-winning television writer, producer, composer, multimedia pioneer and filmmaker.

Wonkybot Insider

Ep 17: Tremendous News & Holiday Wrap-Up

Tara Tremendous actress Takshvi Kaushik (Princess Sarika) joins host Stewart St John for an exclusive interview. Plus, Wonkybot cofounders Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta join Stewart to share some great Tara Tremendous news! And, we’ve got fan shout outs and an audio question from South Africa!

The Wonkybot Insider podcast takes you behind the scenes of the award-winning Wonkybot Studios, the company behind Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winning podcast Tara Tremendous, Origins Unknown, Spooky Troop, The Owlsteins and many more. Hosted by Wonkybot co-founder Stewart St John.

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