Stewart St John’s

Origins Unknown

2 Seasons | Kids & Family

Created, Written & Voice Directed by Stewart St John

16-year-old Max Emerson and his new friends must unlock the mystery behind the terrifying supernatural packages being sent to unsuspecting residents in the small town of Copper Heights.

Season 1 (10 episodes). Cursed Package item: The Haunted Telephone

Season 2 (10 episodes). Cursed Package item: Lala The Lullaby Doll

Based on Stewart St John’s television pilot script Origins Unknown, the podcast series is produced entirely in-house at Wonkybot Studios.
Audio rights Licensed exclusively to Pinna.

Series Credits

Created, Written & Directed by Stewart St John

Theme Song and Original Score by Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta

Sound Design by Michael Plahuta

Produced by Todd Fisher, Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta and Anne Richards

Child Development Consultation by Mariana Diaz-Wionczek, PhD

Key Cast

Z Wilson • Maddie Rowe • Kyla Jernigan • Max Harper • Michael Myracle • Jan Stewart

Casey Maxwell • Jennifer Bower • Gianna Riley • Dennis Hart • Benjamin Altshuler

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