‘Treacherous Tales’: Wonkybot Reveals UK Cast + Trailer For Episode 3 of Horror Audio Series

9 • 25 • 23

Los Angeles, CA., September 25, 2023 — Wonkybot Studios, the award-winning production and podcast division of content and IP holding company Wonkybot Entertainment, has unveiled the cast, trailer and key art for the third episode of Stewart St John’s supernatural, thriller and horror fiction podcast series Treacherous Tales, which premieres on Friday, September 29 on wonkybot.com and all major podcast platforms.

Treacherous Tales, which was greenlit to production earlier this year, is the company’s first scripted podcast series aimed at mature audiences, part of Wonkybot’s initiative to broaden its reach beyond the kids and family audience it’s built over the years. The new series falls under Wonkybot’s supernatural, thriller, sci-fi & horror brand “Sinister Universe”.

The new episode, entitled “The Gateway”, features a stellar British voice cast including Will de Renzy-Martin as Tom Mitchell, Alicia King as Hannah Williams, Tanya Rich as Doctor Eleanor Kershaw, Charlotte Cracknell as Sophie Richards, and Ben Wake as Harry Peterson.

The story revolves around Tom (Will de Renzy-Martin) and Hannah (Alicia King), a young couple struggling to cope with Tom’s sound sensitivities. When a psychiatrist (Tanya Rich) diagnoses him with misophonia, she offers a controversial sound therapy called “The Gateway Program” — which yields unexpected results.

“Given the audio format of the series I thought building a story around a guy dealing with a sound disorder was an interesting springboard for an episode,” said series creator, writer and co-executive producer Stewart St John. “I mean, misophonia is a real thing, it literally translates as “hatred of sound” and impacts like, 18% of the population. I wanted to write about something people could identify with, raise some awareness about it, and tell a scary story at the same time.”

The episode is the first to record entirely abroad.

“I wanted to set the episode in the UK to demonstrate the stories I’m telling in Treacherous Tales can take place anywhere, horror has no boundaires,” joked St John. “Fortunately we’ve established great relationships with some of Britain’s most talented voices from years of producing the award-winning Tara Tremendous and other Wonkybot series, so the first person we cast was the insanely talented Tanya Rich, one of the most established voice actors in the UK.”

“We’re thrilled with the cast,” said Todd Fisher, co-executive producer. “The incredible Will de Renzy-Martin and Alicia King are perfect as the main couple Tom and Hannah, Charlotte Cracknell gives a fantastic performance as Sophie, and Ben Wake nails bakery owner Harry. They really do an outstanding job.”

“When I read Stewart’s delicious script it gave me indie-film vibes,” said co-executive producer and sound designer Michael Plahuta. “It’s a well-paced, beautifully written and frightening thriller that has a completely different tone than our previous episodes, and I think the cast nailed it with their subtle and very real performances.”

Episode three, “The Gateway”, drops Friday September 29 on wonkybot.com and all major podcast platforms.

About Wonkybot Studios

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