St John & Plahuta Release ’Tremendous Suite’ Single, Music Video

6 • 12 • 20

11-minute electronic track from upcoming album is released today on all known platforms

Composing and producing team St John & Plahuta (Stewart St John & Michael Plahuta) have today released a new single entitled ’Tremendous Suite’ which will also be supported by a brand new music video. The track is an eleven-minute, synth-pop mash up of themes fromTara Tremendous: Quest, the fourth season of the globally successful superhero podcast produced and distributed by Wonkybot Studios.

It’s the first single from the upcoming Tara Tremendous: Quest soundtrack which releases later this year. Several arrangements, including “Lord Barrington’s Theme”, “The Empress’ Revenge”, “Dr. Epic’s Lair” and the “Tara Tremendous Theme” are woven into a pulsating, non-stop beat.

“Michael and I are thrilled to share our love of 80s music, pop culture and great synth sounds,” said St John.

“We wanted to make something that was electronic and nostalgic,” added Plahuta. “As fans of synth wave we saw this new season of Tara Tremendous as a perfect vehicle to pay homage to the greats like Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and John Carpenter.”

The music video features an exclusive shorter version of the song set against an anime story revolving around “Captain Tremendous”, a superhero from a parallel world called Nearth which features prominently in the new season of the Tara Tremendous audio series. “It’s a prequel story about Nearth’s first superhero,” said St John, “someone who held the “Tremendous” title long before Tara Tremendous of Earth! Fans of the podcast series will learn about him in this new season of show.”

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