‘Tara Tremendous’:  Wonkybot Drops First New Trailer For Epic 4-Part Season Finale

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Wonkybot has released the first trailer for the epic 4-part season four finale of the award-winning superhero/sci-fi podcast series Tara Tremendous. The trailer features the character Tremendous Boy (Cameron Hernandez) musing on the destruction of nemesis Tara Tremendous (Mariana Harrison). The first of the four-part season finale dropped Friday, July 29 and will roll out every second Friday with the final episode airing on September 9th.  The episode is available at Wonkybot.com and all major podcast platforms, or ad-free as part of a subscription to the Wonkybot Channel on Apple Podcasts.

“I’ve been planning this climactic face-off ever since introducing Tremendous Boy to the Tremendous Universe,” said Stewart St John, Wonkybot CEO and creator/writer of all the content generated by the company. “What started out as a two-episode finale stretched into four parts because there was just so much story to cover.  We couldn’t be more thrilled by how it’s all turned out.”

Set to an electric soundtrack and enhanced by a cinematic sound design by Wonkybot co-founder Michael Plahuta who is also the Director of Sound at sister company Wonkybot SDX,  the trailer hints at big trouble ahead for Tara Tremendous.

“Things look pretty grim for Tara at the moment,” said Plahuta. “And she’s not the only one facing adversity.”

Indeed, Tara’s friends and teachers who’ve been traveling through space on a mission to find her (after she was abducted by the Empress, voiced by Superman star Sarah Douglas), suddenly find themselves under attack by aliens and forced to abandon their starship in the middle of deep space.  Meanwhile, Tara is also trying to negotiate a peaceful sit-down between Emperor Jn’Dyn of Nimboch (Chris McCloy) and his aunt the Empress who will stop at nothing to reclaim her Nimbochian throne.

“There’s so much action, adventure and drama going on in these next four episodes,” said Todd Fisher, Wonkybot co-founder and producer of the show. “And plenty of humor to keep it light and fun!”

One of the lighter moments involves an encounter between Tara’s uppity aunt Lucinda DuPont (Michael Myracle) — who accidentally ended up on the starship —  and the notorious Dr. Epic (Stewart St John) who’s captaining the UXB alongside first officer Micah Gregory (Alex Mitts) under the supervision of Tara’s Power University headmaster Mr. Barrington (Michael Plahuta).

Added Fisher:  “Lucinda and Epic absolutely loathe each other and have managed to avoid each other on the ship. That all changes when Epic is sent to rescue Lucinda and the two are forced to rehash their bitter rivalry.”

Plus we meet another one of the ’Tremendous Twelve” super kids on the ship —  Princess Sarika (Takshvi Kaushik) — a seven-year-old girl from India whose supernatural powers save the day.  Sarika, along with several other young heroes including Josiah Mustaleski as Seth Reynolds aka Remix, Maddie Rowe as Chloe Green aka Elemental Heart, Laci Morgan as Purple Cosmic and Brendan Morgan as Scratch, are preparing to board shuttle pods and escape the UXB starship under attack.

“There are lots of surprises in store for listeners over these next few episodes,” added St John. “And it all leads to a pretty exciting cliff-hanging episode!”